Nail Care

Cutting toenails  sounds like it should be a simple task but can be very tricky due to bending and shape of the nails.

Most people don't need a Podiatrist to cut their nails but it should be done properly to avoid problems.

Nail Cutting Tips:

  • Cut nails straight across- don't dig down the sides
  • Use appropriate clippers/ nail scissors
  • Don't cut nails too short
  • Cut nails when dry as it will give an easier and cleaner cut
  • Don't cut the cuticles as this can cause infection
  • Don't try and cut the nail in one cut, instead make small cuts across the nail
  • If you struggle to bend or shape nails safely use a file instead
  • Gently filing in one direction across the nail and then away from you will shape the nail to avoid needing to cut them

When to see a Podiatrist

If you are struggling with self care a Podiatrist can help maintain your nails to ensure you can remain comfortable and on your feet.