Hi, and welcome to the clinic!

My name is Louise Kenworthy and I am the Podiatrist here at Complete Podiatry in Stockport. I thrive on getting patients back on their feet. So if you have a sports injury, trouble with your nails, a painful corn or callus, or you are just suffering from sore feet, then you have come to the right place and I would love to see you in my clinic.

About me. Since qualifying from the University of Huddersfield in 2003 after gaining my BSc Hons in Podiatry, I have worked within both the NHS and Private sectors, giving me a wealth of experience in all areas of Podiatry. I am extremely passionate about my work and enjoy the daily challenge of meeting lots of new people with differing foot care needs. In order to keep up to date and ensure the best treatment options are available I regularly attend additional training courses to enhance my practice including:

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Podopaediatrics (Childrens feet)
  • Masters Module in Clinical Biomechanics
  • Masters Module in Neurological Conditions
  • Attendence at Biomechanics Summer School
  • Certificate in Joint Manipulation
  • Certificate in Nail reconstruction
  • Certificate in Basic Life Support
  • Certificate in administration of Local Analgesia
  • Speaking at Podiatry Conference
  • Attendance at yearly Osgo- Private Podiatry conference
  • Yearly updates in core podiatry modules including Dermatology, Rheumatology, Vascular assessment, Pharmacology, Diabetes and record keeping

I love continued learning and am also currently studying the FIFA diploma in Football Medicine, and to help with the many runners I see I am undertaking a running repairs course, which looks at all aspects of the runner from the mechanical issues through to the psychosocial factors involved, which so far I have found a real eye opener and greatly benefited my practice and your care.

I am very passionate about sports  podiatry and love the challenge of finding out where all your aches and pains are coming from. I see it as a jigsaw puzzle putting all the pieces together, with my high tech gait analysis equipment and my own clinical skills and experience I will put together an individual treatment plan for you.

As Complete Podiatry is based within a Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Practice I can also work closely with the Sports Therapists and Physio as needed.

I have worked with professional athletes through to people who just want to get back on their feet and enjoy life again. So if you fit anywhere on that scale I offer a complete service to help you.

I also provide a Chiropody service which means I can help with nail care, painful corns, or treat fungal nails. The phrase I love to hear from patients, and I hear a lot following treatment is "I feel like I'm walking on air". Why not join them by getting rid of that troublesome corn preventing you from wearing your favourite shoes, or that painful hard skin that is stopping you enjoying your walk.

When not in clinic I am slightly obsessed with football and love watching the game, especially  women's football. When next in clinic have a see if you can spot my treasured signed United Shirt from all the girls! It certainly makes an interesting talking point in clinic!!!

  I also love spending time with my family, who certainly keep me busy out of work.

I really look forward to welcoming you to the clinic and getting you back on your feet.

See You Soon!!

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Members of the Team

Eleanor Saunders, Associate Podiatrist

Hi, My name is Eleanor. I graduated from the University of Salford in 2017 with a BSc (Hons) in Podiatry.

I have always had an interest I footcare after having treatment myself when I was younger. Coming out of the appointment pain free was wonderful! I found it very interesting and rewarding that you could give instant relief for some foot issues.

I decided to go back to University as a mature student and learnt a lot from my placements within the NHS.

When not in clinic I am at home, kept busy with my two young boys and husband. When I get chance I enjoy long walks in the countryside, swimming and yoga.

I look forward to seeing you in clinic