Do you have Thickened, Discoloured Toenails?

Is it even fungal?

  • Did you know half of damaged nails are not even fungal! So why buy all the fungal nail treatments that you may not need and will not work.

  • A fungal nail test could SAVE you time and money!

  • Just diagnosing fungal nail by sight alone can at best be only 67% accurate. Therefore 1 in 3 diagnoses maybe wrong.

  • A simple test can be carried out in clinic with a 97% accurate result to confirm fungal nail diagnosis. 

Why do I need this test?

  • No need to send clippings to a lab which can take 4 weeks.
  • Results seen in 5 minutes
  • 97% accuracy in results
  • Its non invasive as only a small nail clipping is required
  • With an immediate diagnosis of fungal nail, treatment can begin straight away
  • It is just as important to confirm it is NOT a fungal nail as this will avoid unnecessary treatments which can be expensive, and a waste of time and money as they will not work.
  • Knowing for sure it is a fungal nail then treatment results are likely to be more successful.

5 Minute Fungal Test

Before any fungal nail treatments are carried out in clinic we strongly advise a fungal nail test is carried out to confirm diagnosis. Once a positive test is confirmed treatment options can be discussed.

To book a fungal nail test either contact clinic 0161 477 4747 or book online and select fungal nail test

Fungal nail treatment available in clinic

Fungal nail infections can be difficult to treat as the fungus lies underneath the nail plate.  Topical creams and paints can be ineffective as they cannot reach through the nail plate to the infection underneath. 

By placing small holes into the nail plate using a method known as lacuna, and then using a spray treatment, the fungus can be treated a lot easier and results have been much more effective.

Benefits of fungal nail treatment

  • It is safe, fast and painless
  • There are no side effects
  • Its non-invasive
  • Improvements can be seen within weeks
  • No impact on lifestyle as minimal treatment needed
  • No recovery time is required

Fungal Care Package

Here at Complete Podiatry, once a positive nail test has been confirmed we can offer a full treatment package to help rid of fungal nail.

Our treatment package includes 3 lacuna appointments, and a fungal nail care pack which will provide you with all the kit needed for foot hygiene, and  to prevent re-infection. The kit includes:

Bamboo socks, Antifungal spray, Antifungal foot cream, powder treatment for shoes, and laundry sanitiser.

Full package cost is available for just £200.

Single lacuna appointments available for £80

As with any treatment this is not 100% effective  and therefore there could also be a small chance this treatment may not be for you. All treatment options will be discussed at appointment and all questions answered before any treatment goes ahead 

If you would like to know more please call 0161 477 4747 or 07434 727952 and we will be happy to advise 

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