Diabetic Footcare


Diabetes can cause several foot complications therefore it is important to ensure your feet are checked regularly, and you have regular checks from your Podiatrist


Sensation testing

A 10g monofilament is used to check sensation. This is a simple tool used to test the feeling in your feet on specific areas on your feet.


Testing blood flow

Diabetes can lead to a reduced blood flow to your feet. This is tested using a Doppler so we can listen to your circulation. It is important to check blood flow as a reduced circulation may lead to a delay in healing if you have any cuts on your feet, which could lead to an increased risk of infection.

The risks of diabetic complications are reduced if your blood sugar levels are controlled.

If youn have any concerns regarding your feet and are diabetic, trhen please contact for more information 0161 477 4747 or 07434 727952

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