Mortons Neuroma


A Mortons neuroma is a painful condition in the front of the foot affecting the nerves. They most commonly occur between the third and fourth toes. It may feel like you are standing on a pebble in your shoe.


Mortons neuroma usually occur due to compression or irritation of the nerve, which leads to thickening of the nerve. Other factors that can contribute to the development of a mortons neuroma are:

  • Footwear- Wearing high heels or narrow toe box (pointy shoes)
  • Other foot problems- bunions, hammertoes, high arch or flat feet
  • Activities- High impact sports or repetitive trauma, for example, Jogging or running or court sports


  • Tingling- Burning or numbness in space between toes. 
  • Pain- Worse when walking or wearing shoes that are too tight
  • A feeling of something inside the foot or pebble in the shoe


  • Footwear- Wear shoes with a wide toe box. Avoid high heels
  • Icing- Ice will help reduce swelling. DO NOT apply ice directly to the skin
  • Activity- Avoid activities that cause repetitive trauma until condition improves
  • Orthotics- Orthotic therapy prescribed by a Podiatrist will help redistribute pressure and offload effected tissues
  • If symptoms continue injection therapy or surgery may be considered