What is it?

Haglunds deformity is a condition occurring at the back of the heel, from an enlargement of the heel bone.

The heel bone (calcaneus) attaches to the Achilles tendon. Between the bone and tendon is a sac of fluid called a bursa. When this bursa becomes inflamed it will cause pain in the back of the heel.


  • Irritation of the bursa occurs when the bony enlargement rubs against the shoe
  • Shoes with a rigid back, (for example, pumps, Mens dress shoes, or court shoes) can increase pressure on the heel which aggravates the heel.
  • Foot shape can also increase risk of haglunds. (High arched foot or tight achilles)


  • Pain at the back of the heel
  • Callus may also form over time
  • Bursa can also become inflamed causing bursitis


  • Footwear advice- wear backless shoes or shoes with a soft back
  • Ultrasound may help
  • Heel lifts to lift foot in the shoe and relieve pressure
  • Exercises for Achilles tendon if the Achilles is tight
  • If these treatments do not help then surgery may be considered