Do you have Thickened, Discoloured Toenails?

Fungal nail is the same infection as Athletes foot, but under the nail. Once the infection gets into the nail root topical solutions cannot reach it. Piulls are not always effective and carry significant risk including damage to the liver. Although much safer, topical solutions cannot penetrate the nail plate easily.

A new treatment where dozens of pin prick holes are drilled into the nail could be the end to unsightly fungal nail infections.

The painless therapy called Clearanail involves drilling very precise 0.4mm holes into the plate of an infected nail, allowing treatments to directly access the whole nail bed.

Clinically proven Clearanail is an innovative new concept developed using controlled micro penetration, which creates micro pathways in the nail plate allowing deeper access to the areas of infection without damaging the nail bed beneath. Each of the tiny holes can be drilled in less than five seconds.

Treatments can then be applied leading to clearing of the infection and healthy looking nails in a short space of time. Visable results can be seen within two weeks.

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